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Medicare Supplement Plans Are Identical – Except For Price

Posted March 5, 2017
Medicare Supplement Plans | SeniorSurance.com

All medicare supplement plans are 100% identical between each insurance company. To make it easy for seniors to compare rates, the government standardized the plans. The only difference is the name of the insurance company and the monthly premiums that they charge which can drastically fluctuate between $20 to $100 per month! Log on to our quote engine page and compare rates now and save.

Many seniors don’t know the insurance industry, not many of us do. Why not talk to one of our SeniorSurance.com agents and discuss your options on how to lower your monthly plans. It’s easy and there is no obligation to sign up. We are here to save you money.

Think about how much you could save next month on your medicare supplement plan. So doesn’t it make sense to go with the company who has the lowest rates – we think so!

Compare medicare supplement plans with our quote engine and save today!